Hoodia Shot™ Weight Loss Energy Drink
Hoodia Shot® - World's Best Weight Loss Energy Drink
Shape your body — Feel the energy... NOW!!


Hoodia Shot™ is a breakthrough (and best tasting) weight loss energy drink that suppresses the appetite and generates a super-charged nutrient uptake you can feel flowing into the cells of your body within 5-10 minutes! As a result, you will experience the healthy, full body revitalization that only the fast-acting Hoodia Shot® weight loss energy drink can deliver... for hours at a time!

Whether it's morning, afternoon, or night (not recommended after 3:00 PM if you suffer from insomnia or have difficulty falling asleep), Hoodia Shot™ will keep you on the go. Experience for yourself what consumers around the world are calling the powerful, new "Feel Good" weight loss energy drink!

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